Cheese Gifts

With over 200 cheeses in store it can be difficult to choose, so we have carefully picked the perfect Cheese Selections to please every palate.

Our Cheese Selections will save you time and money plus they make a great gift for family and friends. Please ask our staff to gift wrap your selection of cheese when ordering.

All Cheese Selections include tasting notes and a packet of Mario Fongo crispbread.

 Beginners’ Selection $88Beginners Cheese Selection

  • Mixed Milk Robiola
    A soft and creamy mixed milk cheese – one of our best sellers!
  • Taleggio
    A classic medium-strength Italian washed rind
  • Goat Gouda
    A new favourite: sweet, firm and oh-so-delicious
  • Pecorino Grotta
    A smooth, nutty pecorino coated with hay
  • Benison Blue
    A beautifully balanced Austrailan organic blue

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Big & Bold SelectionBig & Bold Cheese Selection $87

  • Affidelice
    An oozingly soft pungent washed rind from Burgundy
  • Sbrinz
    A rare hard cheese from Switerland with a butterscotch flavour and fruity bite
  • Bitto Storico
    A mountain cheese from northern Lombardy with a big, savoury bite.
  • Toma Blue
    Don’t be fooled by the appearance, Toma Blue packs a spicy punch. It’s barrel-aged for maximum flavour.

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Australian Selection $65

  • Small Cow Farm ‘Redella’
    A gentle, creamy washed rind cheese from the NSW Southern Highlands
  • Ocello Brie
    A rich, creamy Brie from the NSW Southern Highlands
  • Berry’s Creek ‘Benison Blue’
    An organic, buttery blue hand-made in Gippsland
  • Maffra Cheddar
    An incredibly popular cheddar from Gippsland with a gentle bite

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European Selection $115

  • Mini Chevrot
    A cute little goat’s cheese from the Loire Valley, France
  • Goat’s Milk Robiola
    A smooth, creamy goat’s cheese from Piedmont, Italy
  • Mimolette
    Slice of Mimolette, a hard cheese from northern France with a hazelnutty flavour
  • Pecorino in Grotta
    A smooth Tuscan sheep’s milk cheese coated with hay
  • 24 month Comté
    A classic raw milk gruyere cheese from the French alps
  • Gorgonzola Dolce Latte
    An incredibly creamy and mild blue vein from Lombardy, Italy

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French Selection $120

  • Petit Delice with Truffle
    A decadent triple cream cheese with a layer of truffle inside
  • St Maure Caprifeuille
    A classic soft goat’s cheese from the Loire Valley
  • St Marcellin
    A super-creamy soft cheese from the Rhône Alps
  • Roy des Vallees
    A mild, semi-hard goat and sheep milk cheese from the Pyrénées
  • Roquefort
    A famous French blue with a big, bold flavour

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Italian Selection $90

  • Mixed Milk Robiola
    A soft and creamy mixed milk cheese – one of our best sellers!
  • Quadrello
    A stinky, soft cheese made with rich buffalo milk
  • Pecorino Sotto Il Noce
    Smooth Tuscan pecorino rubbed with walnut liqueur
  • Bitto Storico
    A mountain cheese from northern Lombardy with a big, savoury bite.
  • Gorgonzola Piccante
    A classic Italian blue cheese

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‘Drunken’ Selection $130

  • Ubriaco Prosecco
    A smooth, nutty cheese soaked in sparkling Prosecco
  • Ubriaco Amarone
    A strong, bitey cheese soaked in Amarone wine
  • Baronerosso
    A firm goat’s cheese pressed with grapes and red wine
  • Occelli al Barolo
    A firm mixed milk cheese pressed with grapes from Barolo wine-making, a best seller
  • Ubriaco di Zibbibo
    A full-flavoured, bitey cheese soaked in sweet white dessert wine.

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How to order

Please call the store on 02 9357 7878 to order. Full payment is required when ordering. Payment can be made over the phone with your credit card and a receipt given to you at the time of collection.

Cut cheeses will weigh approximately 200g per cheese. Cheeses may be substituted if stock runs out.